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I’m turning a year older tomorrow. Too panic or not to panic?


So, big decision coming up here. At the stroke of midnight I’ll not be turning into a pumpkin, but I will be turning a year older. Should I refuse to go gently into  growing ever older and more decrepit or perhaps be more graceful, grateful, and embracing of my advancing age? Quick spoiler alert, as I write this I’m considering taking the middle road. Indecisiveness comes in very handy for me in such situations by allowing me to refrain from having to ever really commit.  I can see where the pathway of denial holds a sharp and satisfyingly bitter allure. I can certainly think of missed opportunities  that will never come round again. When taking stock of accomplishments I can help but notice that there seems to be a never ending parade of very impressive people who are much younger than me. Tell me that you also haven’t been shamed by the 25 year-olds who are working to eradicate gender discrimination in the third world, have developed non-profit foundations that seem to send 100 disadvantaged youth to college each week, who have amassed critical acclaim for their acting skills, and seem to radiate goodness out of  every dang invisible pore on their perfectly chiseled faces. That’s very annoying to us mere mortals. On the other hand, while some say bitter is the new black, it seems to genuinely make for bad company.

My dad, ever the kind of cliches, has been to known to say the following about birthdays and getting older, “What’s the alternative?” Point well taken, Bud. We’re either getting older or we’re in the ground. And really, to be quite honest, there are endless wonderful and lovely things in the world. There is the embrace of my beautiful daughter, that first cup of coffee on a cold morning, falling in love and staying there, travel, daffodils that bravely poke through frozen ground each March, wine, and wine again, books and more books, and so many other possibilities. So, while I may not be saving the world, setting it on fire, or generally seeing all of it. I guess I’ll err on the side of gratitude and looking forward. Although, I too wouldn’t mind having invisible pores. I’m just sayin’. A girl can dream right?  Leave a comment and tell me a few of your favorite things!


2 comments on “I’m turning a year older tomorrow. Too panic or not to panic?

  1. daniellecarver
    March 2, 2015

    Reblogged this on BareFacedNaked.


  2. daniellecarver
    March 2, 2015

    Not to panic, of course! Becoming a year old is always a good thing, as long as you do it gracefully and they’ll loaded with unregretable memories and experiences that you can share with others!


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